12 of 21 DIY Projects: Painted Canvas Totes

Today, I was looking for a new project. I looked though all of the things I have at home, and came across an old canvas tote that had plenty of stains on it:
20130522-193123.jpg After I found it, I decided it either needed to revamp it or pitch it. So, I went to Michael’s. I picked up some supplies and another tote.
20130522-193410.jpg I decided to start the tote that I purchased first and I knew that I really wanted to do some chevron stripes. So I used some thick masking tape.
20130522-193609.jpgI made the first tape lines so that it was perfectly measured out. Instead of continuing to measure each time, I just put another layer of tape and then another until the whole tote was covered in tape. Then, I took every other layer off so that it looked like this:
20130522-193922.jpgI put some grocery bags inside so that the paint would not transfer to the other side. Then I painted.
20130522-194011.jpg I let it dry for a while and then took the tape off! Here it is hanging to dry.
20130522-194105.jpgThen I decided to try with the other tote. I knew this one was going to be much harder because of the pockets. Most of the stains were on the top part (so I painted pink over them).
20130522-194607.jpg I used the back of a pencil to make dots and then used the brush (pictured above) to make the pattern. With the fabric pens, I made diagonal lines across the top, switching directions between each seem!
Because I already had one of the totes, the total price of this project was $11!

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