Plant Life

I am still enjoying these plants. They have grown a ton since I got them! Here is a little update on all of the things I am growing:20130515-171952.jpgThe bell peppers. This one is growing the quickest of the veggies!20130515-171937.jpgJalapenos with this sweet new frog!

20130515-171948.jpgThis is absolutely crazy. I never thought that this would work, but apparently succulents propagate really easily. So when I bought all of the succulents this leaf fell off and I had heard that you could just stick it in a pot of soil and it would start taking root. Honestly, I didn’t really believe this would happen. But, I did it anyways. For a while it kind of just sat there all lonely and I could pull it out to see if anything is happening (it wasn’t). I watered like I have been watering the rest of my succulents, and let it do it’s thing. I hadn’t checked it out in a while (probably a good thing) and then today I went to pull it out and the thing had rooted! I couldn’t pull it at all! Yay! I am so excited! I can’t wait to start seeing new little leafs!

20130515-171942.jpgUp close of the little frog! Also got turtles and another frog! Thank you Scott!

20130515-171958.jpgSome more new growth on this one! Check out my cute little owl in the background! :)

20130515-172011.jpgThe basil, still growing away. I probably need to replant these soon! There are a lot of sprouts in that little (4 inch diameter) pot.


20130515-172015.jpgLast, a fail. The daisies never sprouted! I thought I saw one little sprout a couple days ago, but I am wondering if I needed to water these more often than I was or possibly the sun was too much for them (even though I had them indoors). Maybe I need to be more patient? If anyone has any suggestions for growing daisies, I would love to hear them because they are my favorite and I really want to try again in the future!

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