Project Life: Weeks Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, and Seventeen

It has been a while since I’ve posted about project life, so it’s time to play some catch up! I’m hoping that in two weeks I’ll be all caught up and be able to stay that way throughout summer!

Week Fourteen: Here is the whole layout. IMGP0002IMGP0008

I feel like I always document the good things/events over the bad ones (tests, studying, etc). But this week, I made sure to put in some notes to make sure people actually believe me when I say that I study a lot of the time. I really do. Kevin brought me that sweet little potting stick with the owl, because he knows that they are my favorite! I mean, how cute is that little guy?! I also documented a McAllister’s date and the time that we met up on the trail.IMGP0010On Thursday  I went to Bengal Rock Party for an event that Kevin had been working on. They had tons of yummy food and a DJ. The top left spot on this page is holding a pass from that event. Kevin did a really wonderful job. The same weekend, we had the Phi Lamb anniversary party. It was a weekend where we invited back all of the alumnae and had a huge get together. Phi Lamb got some wooden letters and we took plenty of photos with them!
IMGP0011 IMGP0012

Week Fifteen:IMGP0014

Really love this spread and all of the colors. It was really pretty outside this week, especially with all of the dogwood trees in bloom!IMGP0017

I planted some more succulents this week and my indoor garden is expanding  Received a thank you card in the mail, and had to include it…love those owls. IMGP0018Over the weekend, Missio Dei did the Clean Up Columbia event. Saturday night, I went to Somewhere South of Perfect’s concert and then on Sunday at Missio Dei, we said good bye to Roger who is going back to China!


Week Sixteen:
IMGP0022 This was another busy test week. There are a lack of pictures from the actual week and more from just the weekend.IMGP0023Earth day was Monday so I took some time to run/walk on the MKT trail that goes right by campus. It was my first time on that particular trail but I thought that it was really awesome.
IMGP0024The rest of the photos are from Engage, a conference I went to with my church, Missio Dei. I wrote a post already about how we went on a prayer walk at SLU and we also went to O’Connell’s for dinner. When we got back to Columbia on Sunday evening, we found Kevin’s car with a flat tire.

Week Seventeen:

IMGP0030At the beginning of the week, Kevin called into BXR (a radio station) and won tickets to see Fitz and the Tantrums. Before we headed to the concert, we stopped by an event that Kevin’s work was putting on that was similar to an Iron Chef competition. We enjoyed some delicious free food, but unfortunately I didn’t have any room on this page for a picture. After, we went to Panchero’s, a place that is supposed to be like Chipotle or Qudoba. It was pretty good and similar in pricing. I got a salad, which was pretty good, but I would be interested in having a burrito the next time! After, we went to the concert, which was at the Blue Note. It was really great, even though I had only heard a few of their songs. If you haven’t heard them, you should definitely check out their newest album! Finally, we celebrated KP’s 20th birthday at El Maguey. Super yummy!IMGP0031That weekend, Kevin and I did a 5K in support of the victims from the Boston bombings. It was raining and gross but I am really glad that we went out. Later on that day, I planted some tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapenos. On Sunday, Missio Dei had the International Rides lunch!

IMGP0032 Saved the “Reserved BXR” tent that was placed on the table for Kevin and I at the concert. IMGP0034Still diggin’ these quotes by Elise. They are really great and really break up space in the album. I printed them at Walgreens, same as all my other photos!


Even though my posts are few and far between, I am really enjoying this journey. I really want to do this for the rest of forever. It is so easy and I finally feel like I am taking photos for a reason. I am doing something with the thousands of pictures that I take, rather than putting them on my computer and leaving them there. I like that I can make weeks into multiple pages, or just one. This project really is so easy and perfect for anyone.





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