Cedar Lake Winery

20130511-224701.jpgThis weekend, I went to the wineries with Kevin and our families! It was my first winery experience, and I really enjoyed it! We had a beautiful day!

20130511-224316.jpgTried out my sweet new InstaWeather App. Pretty sweet, you just snap a picture and add which weather banner you want to use.


20130511-224505.jpginside, where we tasted a few different types.


20130511-224603.jpgAnd they sold beer

20130511-224630.jpgAsian Nachos-holy cow amazing!

20130512-001131.jpgThe whole place was really gorgeous with a small lake, a gazebo, tons of benches/picnic tables and a band!

20130512-001233.jpg“M-oo-n Route”

20130512-001319.jpgThis cutie!

20130512-001338.jpgLaughing my head off!


20130512-001433.jpgDad and Mom

20130512-001502.jpgMe and my Daddy

20130512-001526.jpgMomma and I





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