Finals Week

Since beginning college, I have dreaded the few weeks leading up to finals and the week of tests that ensued. But lately, thanks to conversations with Tricia, Kevin and other friends, I am finally realizing how much more important relationships are than actual grades. By no means am I telling you not to study, that is not the point! But I encourage you to put your time where it is really going to be the most beneficial. I finally think I am getting a grip on it so here are some of my favorite tips for getting through it and coming out ahead:

  1. Don’t take studying so seriously. Sure we all want to do well, but being serious and cranky isn’t going to get you anywhere. I might still be working on this one, but I really feel like the more good times that you have, the better you will feel when it actually comes time to study. Also, when you are taking a study break, don’t worry about school. AT ALL.20130506-222144.jpg
  2. Indulge just a little, your body is working hard and you deserve a treat!20130506-222033.jpg
  3. Encourage someone else! Wish people luck on their finals. My favorite is sending texts to Kevin. Last week, I sent him this picture and said, “I hope studying is going well!”20130506-222040.jpg
  4. Get a change of scenery-go outside, move to a new location, etc. It was beautiful last week. Couldn’t resist sitting on a bench for a couple minutes while looking over some notes! 20130506-222057.jpg
  5. Consider how much you have learned throughout the semester and how much closer you are coming to your dream job/career! For example, at the beginning of this semester I couldn’t tell you anything about this model of a head. Now, I could tell you all of the bones, muscles, glands, nerves, sensory organs, and on and on…but I’ll save you the trouble.20130506-222123.jpg
  6. Stop and smell the roses! Literally. Give your mind a break. Get some sleep. Do something that you totally love. It’s a long week and you are going to really hate it if you don’t enjoy little bits and pieces of it. I have heard that 10 minute breaks for every 50 minutes of studying, not sure how true it is but I think I am going to take it seriously!20130506-222152.jpg
  7. Arrive early for exams. Forget this arrive on time crap, my Grandpa always followed the rule… “If you’re on time, you’re late!” Take time to get situated, get pencils sharpened (does anyone use regular pencils anymore…?), and finalize any information you are unclear on.
  8. Remove distractions. Don’t waste time on social media. If you really feel like you have to check them, do it during a break! If it helps, set your phone across the room or turn it on “do not disturb” for a little while. Also, try studying somewhere inconspicuous!
  9. Finally, I have found it to be so helpful to continue doing things I do each day. Like reading my Bible, exercising, etc.

For more tips, read this blog post that Alyssa Bethke wrote.

I hope these help just a little. I have really been trying to implement these in my life over the past three years and I am realizing that in the future grades and final exams are not going to matter.

Happy studying and good luck everyone!

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