Weekend Wrap Up

20130505-233022.jpgMe rocking my spray tan! First one ever and it was pretty high maintenance, not really my style.

20130505-234018.jpgKevin taking a picture of himself.20130505-233149.jpgSangria Margarita at Cheddars! Super yummy!20130505-233237.jpgMy brother and me at semi formal! The theme is Kentucky Derby!20130505-233327.jpg Had such a good time with him. Love this picture a ton!20130505-233450.jpgAnd this is what happens when you ask Tony to take a picture of you…20130505-233529.jpgSiblings + dates20130505-233616.jpgPretty flowers I offered to take home after the event. 20130505-233702.jpgMy basil growing like crazy!! 20130505-233748.jpgStudying with Kevin at Starbucks. Love how in the zone he is! 20130505-233853.jpgFlowers on campus! Found them during our prayer walk today!20130505-233935.jpg20130505-233941.jpg


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