Gardening Novice

This is my first year doing gardening on my own and I am really excited to (hopefully) grow some yummy veggies that my roommates and I can enjoy this summer. Before the shopping even started, I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with my Mom asking question after question about when I should plant, what I should plant and tons of other gardening questions. Growing up, we grew plenty of different types of tomatoes and lately we have also grown jalapenos as well. I really loved going to the store to help my mom pick out some plants and flowers to brighten up our yard. Here is a photo of Home Depot and their gardening center:
20130429-123551.jpgWhen I went, it was rainy and gross, yet there were SO MANY PEOPLE shopping for plants! I didn’t get it! I searched around for what I was going to buy. I ended up purchasing jalapenos, a hybrid-type tomato plant, a red bell pepper, and then a bag to plant strawberries (because I’ve heard they grow like crazy). Also, I bought some gardening soil and yellow pots from Walmart, because I don’t really know the rules about digging up grass in a rented place.IMG_6578Like I said, I decided to choose the day that it was raining, so I had to do the planting in the garage. In the picture below, you can see that I have more jalapeno plants that I have room for, so I’m going to pick up another pot when I am at the store today.IMG_6580Here are the plants all in their little pots and sitting in front of the house. I would normally have put them in the back but our neighbors don’t keep their dogs on a chain, so I’m afraid they would get in there and eat/bother them. With the bag of strawberries, they are supposed to start growing quickly and then in the next few weeks, I’ll hang up the bag!

IMG_6583All of this said, I didn’t really try anything too crazy because I really do want to eat these veggies this summer. I have seen a lot of different things about how to increase size or growth rate of the plants, but I don’t want to ruin them, so maybe I’ll try that out next summer!

If anyone has any suggestions for me, please let me know!



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