Project Life 2013: Week Twelve

This week was hectic. Let’s be honest, a lot of productivity = not a lot of pictures. So, most of these pictures are from Taylor’s 21st birthday celebrations.IMGP0017The blocked out parts have the same story as last week. Privacy is important.IMGP0022

Enjoyed Bible studying on Monday mornings, these last couple of weeks. I’m sad for it to be over but excited to see what we will study next semester! Kevin made his own spice pack for pizza on Tuesday. Three tests and lots of studying. Jello shots for Taylor’s birthday!

IMGP0020On Saturday, we woke up and Taylor opened her gift. She wanted Fazoli’s for lunch, so we did that and went shopping for the perfect birthday outfit. Later, Taylor, Tricia, Kassandra,  Emilia, Ben and I went to Flat Branch for dinner and then Roxy’s downtown. Roxy’s had chalkboard walls in the bathroom so we couldn’t resist writing happy birthday to Taylor a thousand times. After, I headed home before the snow storm hit!


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