Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was so gorgeous.IMG_6183Snapped some pictures of this tree in Kevin’s front yard. It is so pretty and I just loved the sky.

IMG_6170 IMG_6185 Clean up CoMo on Saturday morning!IMG_6188On Saturday night a friend and his band had a concert in town opening for Motion City Soundtrack! Pretty sweet. Took a study break to go see them!20130414-235808.jpgBought some strawberries for breakfast with Tricia and Esther and they were HUGE!20130414-235815.jpg

Made some cupcakes for church this weekend. Had TONS of extras so I gave some to Eric!20130414-235827.jpg

K and I before church!20130414-235834.jpg

Tricia and I snapchatting everyone on my friends list.20130414-235848.jpgThe group praying for Roger before he goes back to China.  (taken by Bill)20130414-235842.jpgDinner after church at Shakespeare’s…thought I was getting more of Kevin and the group in general…guess not. :(20130414-235855.jpg

20130414-235905.jpgKevin gave me an adorable owl to put in my pot of flowers/veggies!20130414-235919.jpgKevin and I on a banana run at 10:00pm!

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