McAlister’s Date

On Sunday, Kevin and I tried out McAlister’s Deli for the first time! Kevin suggested it and I had heard only good things but had never tried it.

When we first walked in, it was pretty over whelming because the place is HUGE and the menu is literally the entire back wall of the restaurant. They have salads, sandwiches, spuds and are known for their sweet tea (which I didn’t try) but Kevin did and I think he liked it pretty well. Once we ordered our food, we had a seat in this cute little table!20130408-193054.jpgThen, he let me take his picture!20130408-193046.jpgAnd I asked him to take mine.20130408-193103.jpgMy food, which was some kind of club and a fruit cup. Gonna say the fruit tasted all the same…so I probably wouldn’t have that again.20130408-193110.jpgKevin’s California reuben and mac and cheese20130408-193118.jpgYUM!20130408-193128.jpg

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