Workout Wednesday

I really want to try out something new for Wednesday and I want to keep it on a schedule so that I will post something similar each week. One thing that I have really loved lately is taking photos before, during, or after each run. Looking at the nature around me really helps to keep my mind occupied, and how can I pass up a photo opportunity? Here are some photos from the last week of running!




20130409-095205.jpgKevin told me about a trail that is off the path that I had been taking! This was a photo of me trying it out for the first time!20130409-095232.jpg

20130409-095243.jpgBest part of the runs are the puppies on the trail! Can’t wait to have a dog and taken him for a run!20130409-095305.jpg

20130409-095315.jpgFor some reason, I thought since my shirt and the sign were neon, that I had to take a picture…20130409-095700.jpg



20130409-095753.jpgOn Monday, Kevin and I had both planned on running at the trail around 5pm. I got done with class early so I headed out and when he got done with work, he started his run. We thought we would probably run into each other (ha!) and we did! Stopped for a picture and he updated me on the score of the Cardinals baseball game. :)


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