Project Life 2013: Week Eleven

Well, after 11 weeks I still love this project and look forward to it each week. Taking photos and knowing what to write is getting so much easier as I go.

IMGP0003Here is the spread! Pretty inserts this week!!

IMGP0008Here is the first side. I decided to mark out the top left corner which was a story that I wrote. It’s one of those stories that could come off the wrong way if you weren’t there and I really don’t want that! Tony turned 21 that week (about darn time!) so most of these pictures are from that get together. The bottom right one is from Phi Lamb retreat, and I added that little tag that says The Dynasty. The Dynasty is one of the biggest families (made up of bigs and littles) and we are all pretty proud of it. The thing that says “Spicy” is from a Chipotle bag. Kevin and I went out for burrito bowls and they had a really cool handle bag with a pig on it so Kevin tried to get me one, but of course it wasn’t the one with the pig. Either way, the typography is so appealing.

IMGP0005This entire page is from the weekend. We had Phi Lamb retreat from Friday evening to Saturday morning and then I headed to STL for the St. Patrick’s Day parade and for my Aunt’s birthday. The top two are from St. Patricks, I only got to hangout for an hour or so but I was really happy to get to see Kevin and both of our families!IMGP0016 After, my Mom and I headed downtown to surprise my Aunt. We had a pretty good time and some really good eats. The picture of the rooster is a menu I stole (well…I actually asked if I could take it) from the restaurant that we ate breakfast at…the food is pictured below the menu…UH YUM! IMGP0013

*As a side note: I would just like to thank everyone for stopping by my blog, it really means so much to me! :)

2 thoughts on “Project Life 2013: Week Eleven

  1. I have been offline for a few weeks, and I finally just got caught back up on your blog yesterday. Happy me when I discovered I could follow you via email! I have also been way behind on PL, so your layouts are good motivation. Oh yeah, and sign me up for a nice run on the beach this summer. This is running weather and it feels good again :)

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