Hinkson Trail

Yesterday, I tried out Kevin’s recent go-to running spot. It is really close to my house, and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while so I got out there for a walk. I had about 30 minutes to kill before Community Group for church (which meets at my house) and so I made it there and then walked maybe about a mile and a half. It was pretty great and I’m glad that I walked my first time to give me a chance to stop and take some photos. It is a gorgeous trail and I already plan on going back later on this week!

Kevin always tells me that there are tons of dogs to look at, but I only saw one! I’m hoping to see a golden retriever next time I am there! I just got Spotify Premium two nights ago and I told myself that would be a little treat to motivate myself into exercising every day in preparation for a long run on the beach when I go to Hawaii this summer (this is a silly goal, but nothing beats running on the beach). So, the first month is a trial and depending on how I do with my exercising goal will depend if I keep Spotify Premium. The other night, I made a running playlist full of my favorite running songs and songs from Kevin’s Unexpected Running Songs posts from his blog.

I am really hoping that the weather stays nice from now on so that I can keep exercising outside, rather than going to the Rec, which is now quite the inconvenience since I am living of campus! Also, I really want to mix up running and walking so that I can take time to enjoy the scenery and take photos without feeling like I didn’t have a good workout. Here are some photos from my short walk: 20130402-211352.jpg20130402-212323.jpg20130402-211442.jpg20130402-212329.jpg20130402-211609.jpg20130402-212336.jpg20130402-211624.jpg20130402-212345.jpg


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