Super enjoyed relaxing with my family (and Kevin’s) and remembering what Easter is all about. I started the day off with the early (8am) church service at my home church. I super loved it and was completely amazed by a certain part of worship where a guy made sand art. He put sand on top of a light box and then shaped the sand into four scenes: Jesus carrying the cross, Jesus on the cross, the stone being rolled away from the tomb, and then Jesus being resurrected. Seriously, it was amazing and it makes me want to use my creativity to worship Him more often!

After, we headed home to get ready for my family to come over to our house. I quickly made a cake (that was amazing..I’ll share the details here soon!) and got ready. We ate a ton of food and just hung out. Around 2pm we went over to spend time with Kevin’s family. We ate more, chatted, and watched the basketball games.  It was GORGEOUS out today, so we spent a lot of time outside.

Before we headed back, we went to Kevin’s dad’s house to say goodbye and then we hopped on the road (after stopping at QT, of course).

The drive felt shorter than normal and it went pretty well. Until the end where my plant that I just put together completely toppled over. Can’t say I’m surprised with the kind of luck that I have but it was still frustrating. Managed to put it back together…minus half of the dirt.

Oh well, now I am unpacking and getting ready for bed. Excited to be on the last leg of the semester. Only 6 weeks left now. Don’t hate me if I start my countdown. 20130331-220025.jpg





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