That Spring Break Life

Taylor turns 21! This is at a bar in Columbia called Roxy’s. They had a DJ and everything but the place was extremely empty because of Spring Break. Super enjoyed my time hanging out with these ladies, as always.
Photo Mar 23, 10 24 15 PM Snow Ice Cream: 1 gallon snow, 1 cup white sugar, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, & 2 cups milkPhoto Mar 24, 7 53 19 PM Getting insane with Insanity. Trying to work in some new workouts.This works well because I don’t even have to go anywhere. Still not 100% sure I’m hooked yet, but it’s worth it for busy days.Photo Mar 25, 9 08 40 PM FaceTiming with Kevin while he was in DC/Baltimore/Philly. He just got home last night and said that he had a great time! We looked at the photos he had taken last night and he was telling me tons of stories about things they did! So glad he had a great time. Photo Mar 25, 11 22 49 PM Watched these movies: The Help, Pitch Perfect, and The Descendants. Photo Mar 25, 12 27 28 AM Sitting on the floor in Hallmark helping my Momma pick out a new weekend trip bag!Photo Mar 26, 6 56 12 PM The lazy life, featuring Sparky.Photo Mar 28, 9 17 09 AM My new plants!Photo Mar 29, 2 25 26 PM One of my favorite views in the morning-I love the way the sun comes through these curtains.Photo Mar 29, 10 06 25 AMAlso this week, I spent some of my time at the daycare that I worked at last summer. They needed some help during spring break, so why not. I was supposed to work Monday thru Thursday, but Monday was a snow day so I only worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Yesterday (Friday), I went shopping with my Mom. Everyone was home for Good Friday which is always fun and we had stuffed fish for dinner (a favorite of mine). My parents spoil Eric and I when we are home from college!


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