10 of 21 DIY Projects: Drink Recipe Book for Taylor

For Taylor’s birthday I really wanted to do something special and something that would be a cool, memorable keepsake of her 21st birthday! I like the idea of “Shot Books” where everyone submits a page but let’s be honest, having someone drink 21 shots in a day isn’t a good idea. So, I thought back to my 21st birthday. I remembered not really knowing what to order and having to look up recipes for drinks and jello shots. So, for Taylor’s birthday, I decided to put those things together.

IMGP0007I took recipes from the internet and books and put them together in alphabetical order in 5 categories: Cocktails, Shots, Punches for large servings, frozen drinks, and hot drinks.


This is my cover page for the “shots” section. I really enjoyed coming up with titles for each category. After deciding on the drinks to put in, I sent a Facebook message to Taylor’s friends to see if they wanted to write her a Happy Birthday note and drink recommendations or recipes. I got an overwhelming number of responses, which was AMAZING and really made the book super special for her.


Above is my note to Taylor.

IMGP0012I also added some photos that friends sent me. They were too funny…Taylor, please don’t hate me!



After getting everything together, I took the book to the DigiPrinting Service at Mizzou to get it bound (you can also get this done at FedEx and OfficeMax). I chose the option at Mizzou because I was already on campus and I knew that they did a really great job and I also know that you can take in your own paper (I’m thinking if you want to get the pages bound at Office Max or FedEx, you also have to print there…but don’t quote me on this). After I got home, I put sticker letters on it for the title and then wrapped it! I was SO CLOSE to giving her this gift early. I WAS STOKED.


Here is Taylor (on her birthday) reading some of the notes that people had written! It was awesome and I think she really liked it! I would also like to say thank you to everyone who made this gift super awesome by writing notes, recipes, recommendations, and birthday wishes! You all made this gift so special! More birthday celebration pictures to come!



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