9 of 21 DIY Projects: A Week Worth of Sweets

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This project is from a while ago, but Taylor and I were talking about it last night and she encouraged me to write a blog post on it. About a year ago, I found something similar to this online and since, it has really taken off and a TON of people online have tried it out. It is a perfect small gift that says, “I am thinking about you” every day.

Last year, when Kevin did his internship, I gave him a months worth of treats in these little daily pill containers. I wrote a note and put it in there for every other day and then I bought candy and gum to put in each of them. I put candy that I knew he liked, and others that were my favorites. Things that seemed to work really well were Reese’s Pieces, short sticks of gum (like orbit), mints, tic tacs, and dove chocolate. I hand wrote all of my notes to him, but this site has cute pre-made notes that you can print and cut out.

I have seen this idea suggested for Valentine’s day or trips where you will be away from each other but this could also work for friends and family, especially if they are having a rough week!




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