I’m a Fan: Spotify

imagesSpotify is a music streaming service that allows you to add any type of music into playlists that you can listen to for free. Each month, you get 10 hours of listening on your computer  unless you decide to upgrade to unlimited($4.99). You can also choose to pay $9.99 which comes with unlimited streaming as well and it also gives you the option to listen to your own playlists on your iPhone/droid. (Click here to download the free computer version)

I downloaded Spotify on my computer a looong time ago. Like maybe a year ago (it’s only been in the US since July of 2011). But it hasn’t been until recently that I have been using it. Up until this point, I have downloaded from iTunes (and paid a pretty penny) because I have an iPhone and that just seemed like the more reasonable option. After getting extremely tired of almost all the music I had purchased, I just basically stopped listening altogether; even at the gym I listened to podcasts. So after seeing Kevin just type in any ole song on his computer and then listen without any problems, I thought I would give it another try. And I am so glad I did. It is all I listen to now and I have tons of music “starred” and in different playlists.

Right now my favorite songs are:

  • Black Balloon-The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Everything Has Changed-Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran
  • Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop-Landon Pigg
  • I Love It-Icona Pop
  • One of Those Nights-Tim McGraw
  • One Eyed Cat-Jenny and Tyler
  • Dum Dum-Lecrae
  • Madness-Muse
  • Hey Mama-Mat Kerney
  • Washed by the Water-NEEDTOBREATHE
  • I Won’t Give Up on You-Jason Mraz


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