Stand for Freedom







27 Hours. 27 Million.
Spread the word: Slavery is real, but together we can end it!

Stand for Freedom is a movement led by students that works with the International Justice Mission (IJM) to help end slavery. International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that is bringing rescue and freedom to victims of slavery, sex trafficking and other forms of violence. The objective of the movement is to raise awareness about the 27 million people who are enslaved and to raise money to help IJM bring relief to the victims of this kind of oppression.

This event takes place for 27 hours on March 7-8 in Speakers Circle on Mizzou’s Campus. During that time, people will be standing to raise a voice for people who cannot raise their own.

What can you do?

On campus:
1. Commit to STAND:
2. Sign up for a 1-hour shift:

On and off campus
1. Donate to the cause:

2. Be in prayer for:

  • for the victims-strength, salvation,protection, freedom, hope, healing
  • people on campus who will hear about the movement and why we are so passionate about it
  • people who work for IJM in the areas of victim relief, perpetrator accountability, survivor aftercare, etc
  • for the traffickers-conviction, repentance, salvation
  • people who are standing that they will be given strength and perseverance (some people will be standing for 27 hours straight) and pure motives for standing

The goal: 270 people, $2,700, 1,000 signatures.

Twitter: @Stand4FreedomMU


Last night, we got together to pray and make posters to use during the stand. We had a blast and I’m so excited to share some of the pictures!

Photo Mar 05, 9 05 46 PM Photo Mar 05, 9 05 49 PM Photo Mar 05, 9 35 14 PM coverphoto Photo Mar 05, 9 30 43 PM
Photo Mar 05, 10 11 53 PM Photo Mar 05, 11 16 12 PM


*shout out to my friends for some of these photos!


This video tells more about The Stand. So heart breaking but hopeful at the same time. Thankful for this opportunity. Look forward to photos from when I Stand!

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