Project Life 2013: Week Eight

Week eight. And the over-arching theme for this week is snow.

IMGP0012-001Here is the spread. Digging it, there was so much joy that week.

IMGP0004-001Purposely left my feet in this picture because it shows the obnoxious difference in the size of my feet (2 1/2 sizes to be exact). Anyways, I added a 8 1/2 by 11 page protector (from Walmart) with a little insert about the Lord’s Prayer that I used for prayer group this week.

IMGP0005-001(Taylor, please don’t hate me). Here is basically what we did-cards, played in the snow, face masks, and invited the ladies across the street over for dinner! Such a good time.

IMGP0009-001Here is the back of that 8 1/2 by 11 page protector. Yep, that’s me, not even ashamed about it. I’m hoping to order some of Becky Higgins’ 8 x 10 horizontal page protectors in the future but this works perfectly for now! I thought I would try it while Walgreens is having 50% off their prints (use the code fiftyoffpics until March 9).

IMGP0010-001This is probably one of my favorite spreads because of that tree picture. I absolutely LOVE the blue colors in the sky. These were taken while the boys were shoveling their drive way playing shovel baseball. After, we went to the Hyvee buffet for dinner! I had the salad/fruit bar and it was amazing!

*Total amount of snow we got was 19 inches.







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