Project Life 2013: Week Seven


I have been looking forward to week seven so that I could use some of my lovey embellishments.IMGP0008Here is the spread and I am so loving it. Also added the middle sleeve with 4-4×6 spots and 4-2x3s and an envelope.


Here is the first page. Complete with a photo of my package from Nana and Papa and a snapchat of Mom with my little cousin and a photo of a flower that made my Momma think of me. I love it! I also used a plain 4×6 card (that was originally supposed to be for the intro page) to write Valentine’s Day. And last, a quote card from Elise.

IMGP0026The middle sleeve is all about Valentine’s day. I am obsessed with that little camera heart sticker and I have been saving it for the perfect time.

IMGP0028This is the back. It has the flowers from Kevin and the bowling alley.

IMGP0016Here is the 4×12 envelope! I love it because the cards fit (I’m trying not to hoard things so whatever didn’t fit in here didn’t get saved). I am a huge card saver so I’m sure that is what I am going to be using the rest of them for! I also stuck in a brochure from the Pub Crawl.



Here is the back page which is taken up by our weekend at the lake and the Pub Crawl.

IMGP0032A perfect place for that tin badge.

IMGP0031I put on my bracelet loose so that I could slide it of and use it in here. Always thinking ahead!

IMGP0018Loved this week!









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