Snow in the Forecast

Early last week, I heard something about possibly getting huge amounts of snow toward the end of this week. I was pretty excited but I feel like a lot of times snow accumulation amounts start out pretty high and lower as the day gets closer. Well, one day away and I’m still seeing some pretty large amounts of snow fall for Thursday!

snow snow2So it looks like we can be expecting between 6-12 inches, part of which could be icy. In high school, snow days were possibly one of the best days ever. During our senior year, Kevin even made a calendar where we guessed which days would be snow days. We normally had to make up the snow days in the end but it was always worth it to hear Mom or Dad say, “Don’t bother getting dressed, school is cancelled today”. First of all, getting the opportunity to go back to sleep is one of the best feelings in the entire world. Also, if it really did snow, that meant sledding, snowmen, friends, and possibly a fire after dinner (my favorite). It was wonderful. My freshman year of college, we got off school for 2 days which was one of the first times in Mizzou’s history that the university shut down instead of just letting the professors choose if they would have class or not. That was beyond cool and I will never forget the shrieking of all the girls on my floor when we got the email about the next day’s cancellation. Now that I am living off campus, snow is more of a problem. My first class on Thursday is at 8am which might be early for the professor to cancel classes because they have no idea how the roads are yet. I am not a huge fan of class skipping, but I will on Thursday if I think that the roads are too dangerous to drive on. If we do have a snow day and classes are cancelled, you can bet that I will be laying in bed catching up on some homework, watching Modern Family (which I haven’t watched since the week before school started), and possibly get out there for a photoshoot. That is ideal and sounds like a much needed break.

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