Out with a Bang, Literally.

Today wrapped up five tests in one week and let me tell you, I am absolutely drained. Quite honestly, it felt like finals week all over again but the bad part is that I still have school to go to tomorrow. In the last week, I have gotten very little sleep between these exams and the pub crawl that I went to over the weekend. This was the conversation I had with my Mom right before the exam:

20130219-174601.jpgI find this absolutely hilarious and I hope I was more coherent on the exam than I was in this conversation. I think the test went well, but my exhaustion really got the best of me as I was going to turn my test in. We were testing in a room that has a VERY small space to walk in if you have to walk past people who have their desks “out”. I was sitting three seats away from the isle, and the two people next to me had not left by the time I was finished. I tried to walk/climb past when I realized (a little too late) that the person next to me had left their book bag sprawled open on the floor where I was trying to walk, despite the professor’s suggestion to put it underneath our chairs. Anyways, I got my feet all tangled up in the straps of the book bag and managed to start falling only to catch myself on the person’s desk who was still testing and the person in the next isle’s back. I think I freaked them out because one person gasped and many around me started laughing. I ran to turn in my test and out the door before people could put a mental picture in their head never to sit by this crazy person again. Ah yes. After, I was texting my friend Brinna about the whole experience (she is in my class, but missed the fiasco) and she told me that if I hurried, I could still make the bus. *Sidenote* I always miss the bus. So I started half running/half walking in my sleep-deprived delirium. I see the bus turn off their hazard lights which I know means that they are about to drive away. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Luckily, the bus driver saw me and waited. I then get on, panting like a dog.



I drove home and then I slept.


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