Project Life 2013: Week Six

The weeks are just flying by! This week, I had so many photos so I decided to do two spreads instead of just having one that was super crammed. The first one of Monday-Friday and the second one was Saturday and Sunday!

IMGP0001I am trying to remind myself to take things of the everyday, things that are not posed. Sometimes though, friends and family aren’t really a fan. So some of these were on the sneak and I particularly love them!

IMGP0011First page has Kevin studying, Eric eating some breakfast for dinner, and my lovely roomies worshipping at home. Again, I just did the wrap up of the week in a summary because let’s be honest, I’m never going to want to read about school and all that.


This is the other side of that spread where I noted a date with Kevin, ribs, working out, a quote from Elise, and time at home!

IMGP0017Love this quote. Unfortunately it did not print correctly, but I managed to salvage it but cutting off the unwanted stuff and mocking the rounded corners on the one side. LOVE this paper too. This is one of the ones that has a blank to write the date (which I am not doing) so that is also covered up with the photo.

IMGP0020One of my favorite stickers by Amy Tangerine.

IMGP0021Elise’s quote up close!

IMGP0025The Mardi Gras page complete with snapchats! Snapchats are photos that you can send and you only have a certain amount of time to view them before they are deleted forever. Luckily for me, iPhones have the screenshot option. I loved using these this week!

IMGP0028The beginning of the parade!

IMGP0030After the parade + boatshow + cookie from Kevin + wings made by my Dad!

IMGP0032The photo of the wings picture up close with a handwritten memo.


Still super loving this project and loving looking through the past weeks! I love how easy and doable it is on top of school. I am still very glad that I did not choose to do one spread per week, so that I don’t have to narrow down the amount of photos I use!










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