One Thousand Gifts

I may or may not  have mentioned this book before, but One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp) is one of the best books that I have ever read. I read it last year and it was one of the first times I really thought about joy. We hear about happiness all of the time but joy is something that was so different and this book really showed me a clear definition of why.

One thing that this book encourages is writing a list of one thousand gifts that God has given you. I started this list while I was reading the book but kind of fell off the bandwagon when I lost my list. Lately, I have started writing it again in my journal (which I carry with me all the time) and I left 10 blank pages smack dab in the middle to write out everything that I am thankful for. So far, it has shown me so much about little every day things that I would have normally passed by without thinking about.

2013-02-11 08.54.56

I have noticed now how much that I am looking for things to write down. It could be from anything that makes me smile or laugh to an event that I went to. It has been such a blessing in these last couple weeks (especially while things have been stressful) to get out and remember what God has given me-pretty flowers and sunsets, dates with Kevin, a trip home to see parents, making dinner or cookies for friends, craftiness, you name it, God has given it!

Ann also has a blog that is super amazing. She has a page that talks about her different books and then she also has a page just about The Joy Dare.  She gives some prompts about how to get started and she says, “When thanks to God becomes a habit –  so joy in God becomes your life.”

Has anyone else done this challenge or anything similar?

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