Project Life 2013: Week Five

It is hard to believe we are already 5 weeks into this year.

IMGP0005Here is this week! I finally had enough photos that I got to use another little insert with the 4×4 squares. This worked out so cool because friends posted these to instagram and then I took a screen shot and they were the perfect size. Instead of writing what each day was about I made a little “Week Recap” insert that kind of summarizes what is going on in some of the photos.

IMGP0006I just had to add a screen shot from the weather app showing 70 degree weather and then snow three days later (and yes both actually happened…I was convinced that the snow would disappear from the forecast)! Also added a screen shot from a text. Still need to work on the layout of that because in my app I cannot flip it around because the phone knows that it is a screen shot and that that way is the “right way”.

IMGP0008The insert. Super love this. Love all of these wonderful people! These were from Saturday when we went to Shakespeare’s!



On the top: a couple of shots from my new hobby! Bought that mat at Walmart for $8.99! Can’t beat that! Added a photo from the snow (showing my lack of height) and two at the bottom from the Super Bowl party!


Just want to throw in a quick shout out to everyone who looks at this weekly (in person or on here) and says sweet things about it—it really makes my day!





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