Project Life 2013: Week Four

All week I take pictures and so look forward to the final product of completing each week.

I am very excited that the PL cards are double sided because i have been using both sides to their full potential when I can to save cards. If I keep going with this amount I will probably be able to use the same kit for two years which would be cool. Last week was the first time I got a little worried about lack of pictures just from starting back up at school, I guess. Turns out that I had plenty to choose from after the weekend though.

I had to put a photo of the pizza in because I was so proud of it! I have been using pre-made pizza crust but decided to make it using the Jiffy box brand and it turned out so much tastier. Also, I have been writing on photos and I like that a ton because when people go through it (or see photos) they can tell what’s going on! This time I wrote on the actual page protector instead of writing over stuff, which also worked. Kevin suggested saving the papers from the game night we had Saturday and the cards from the magic trick we got to do! He knows me so well!


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