Project Life 2013: Week One

Finally getting to share week one. Even though PL just came in yesterday, I am not surprised that it is already finished! I felt like I had been waiting forever. Before my core kit arrived, I had been using Marcy Penner’s Project Life Planner pages which are downloadable on her site for FREE! I decided that even though my kit is here, I want to keep using those to cut down the cost of printing. I am guilty of printing every single picture I have taken in a week instead of choosing just the good ones. This also helps me to know which ones I will need to print in a 2X3.

Speaking of 2×3’s…there is no easy way to print them unless you are doing it at home or want to wait a week to get your prints. I looked online for HOURS last night and it seemed that unless you have photoshop you’re in trouble. Luckily, I found a way that is going to work for me. I have to save the photos to my iPhone/iPad. I downloaded an app called Diptic and then bought the upgrade so that I could get the 3×4 aspect and then used the frame that allows two photos. I then saved these to my iPhone and then back onto my computer where I then sent them to Walgreens where each photo only cost $0.19 (+ a coupon) instead of paying more for smaller photos. I was a little worried when I picked them up, but they turned out great and that is how I will be printing them from now on.

Anyways, here is my first spread!

Photo Jan 15, 4 40 36 PMPhoto Jan 15, 4 40 43 PMYay, had a blast with this. As you can tell, my corners are not yet rounded. I am trying to find the perfect tool to use. I am also considering writing straight on my photos but I wanted to get this out there just in case I mess up and have to re-print!

4 thoughts on “Project Life 2013: Week One

  1. thank you so much for yesterday and your continuing inspiration here on your blog! I was up a wee bit too late, but almost completely done with 2012!!

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