Project Life Cover Page

20130115-165224.jpgThis morning, when PL got here. I was am stoked!

Photo Jan 15, 4 39 57 PMHere is the cover of my binder. It is a cloth binder in the PERFECT color (that looks rather ugly in this photo…) but it matches the seafoam edition perfectly. I used one of the 4×6 cards for the little cut-out and then used foam tape to stick on that 2013 button from

The first thing I really worked on was my cover page. I was so not prepared for the suggestions that Becky Higgins gives about where to put certain paper pieces for the cover/last page. I had something laid out, but then rearranged it after I saw that there were extra pieces that were specifically made for that page.

Photo Jan 15, 4 39 46 PMI really wanted to keep this simple so that every time I open it, I remember how little I need to make a perfect, simplistic page. I have another photo I am considering adding to the top left corner, but it’s not printed and I’m not really worried about it right now.

The joy wire that is in the top right, I just made by hand. I found the wire I used for my wire photo line and twisted and wrapped until I had my word. If you try this and it doesn’t come out perfectly the first time, don’t be discouraged. This was the 3rd one that I made. Still trying to figure out how I can attach it to the paper (any ideas??) so it is just sitting in there for now.

Photo Jan 15, 4 41 45 PMI am hoping that I continue to love this project as much as I do now! :) Week One should be posted real soon!



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