Project Life

I am so excited to be starting Project Life, a scrapbooking technique that is supposed to be super simple and straight forward. Instead of worrying about pages and lay outs, you just stick the photos and the cards from the core kit straight into the photo pockets. I am really hoping that this makes me less stressed and hopefully gets some pictures off my computer and actually into a book that I will have for the rest of my life. I wanted to do this project last year, but it is kind of one of those things that you have to start at the beginning of a year and then complete the whole year, so I just decided to wait for the big year-long book. I did make a small 8×8 book for a trip I took to California (view here). Anyways, I take a ton of photos and have a hard time journaling so hopefully this helps! I absolutely LOVE looking at old family photo albums so I am hoping to get the ball rolling for myself. That way, I can show people when I’m 82! Haha

Since I have had quite a bit of time to think about it, I have already kind of figured out how I am going to go about it. At school, I do not have a printer and I think it is cheaper to print out pictures in the store (even if it is a little inconvenient time-wise) so I will be going that route, probably once a week. I shop at wal-mart, so if I time it right, it shouldn’t be an extra hassle. I also don’t plan on using too many extra accessories—remember, this is supposed to be SIMPLE (I have to remind myself). I am going to the store tomorrow to grab a few things that will hopefully last me for a while and then I’m going to try to accessorize through photos, words, and handwriting. We’ll see how that goes. I have seen (go ahead and see how many hits you get when you type project life into google) many people write the week number on each page and I am not going to do that. When I’m 82, the only thing that will matter is the photos and the words, not the order. If something doesn’t fit but I love the photo, it’s going on the next page. WHO CARES? Not this girl. I do plan on including anything and everything. I am the queen of grabbing menus, brochures, you name it! I also love getting cards in the mail and I might just cut them up and slide them in a pocket! You will probably also see labels, tickets, and notes. This is the catch all. Hopefully, this will cut down on the random crap I keep and everything else will be thrown away. :)

I love getting creative and I think this little bit is do-able each week. This is something I want to do for me. I want to enjoy this.



This is the album I bought except mine has a square 4×4 photo cut out instead of this 4×6 one, but it is the same color. It is three-ringed so that the page protectors can fit perfectly inside of it.

PL2I was given the Seafoam Edition of the project life core kit for Christmas-WOOHOO! So now I am patiently waiting for it to be in stock. I am a huge fan of Elise’s blog (she designed this edition) and I cannot wait to get started.

PL3And I got a big pack of Design A page protectors for Christmas!

*I found a sweet blog that has a PL planner so that you can plan where things will go and to know how many photos to print. Check that out here.



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