In 2013, I am going to focus on one word: joy. I want to live in the moment and love everything that I do. I want to share my joy with others. I chose this word because it is something that I see a ton around the holidays but tend to forget throughout the year (especially during school). By the end of 2012, I had narrowed it down to three words: nourish, breathe, and joy. I asked Kevin for some help choosing because I’m indecisive and he is particularly good with words. When I think about it though, these three words go hand-in-hand. They all have to do with encouraging myself to live in the moment instead of waiting for something to happen (the weekend, spring break, a test to be over, finals week, graduation, a big girl job, etc). All of these events will come in due time so for now I just need to breathe, take care of myself, trust God and enjoy life.

Throughout the year, I’m going to post about how joy is affecting my life and my goals each month! I’m pretty excited about the word so you might even get to see projects that relate to it.

Interested in choosing a word for 2013? Check out these blogs that have some great ideas:
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