7 of 21 DIY Projects: Kevin’s Christmas Gift

For Christmas, Kevin and I decided to exchange more creative gifts. I had remembered him talking about wine/alcohol racks, so I started doing some research on plans. I saw some REALLY neat things that were made with pallets. I ended up finding a pretty decent looking pallet and started to do some work on it (cutting, adding shelves, and sanding). Then that night, I was doing some research on staining pallets and I kept reading about how they are not recommended for in-home use. I decided to scrap the project, because dealing with possible chemicals or insects just isn’t worth it no matter how nice the wood looks. (Click here to see more info about hazards of pallets). I spent the next entire day at the mall trying to come up with something better, but couldn’t think of anything. When I got home, I took measurements of the pallet I had been using and figured that I could definitely make something work with buying lumber and creating it from scratch. I went to Home Depot and purchased 1-2×4, 3-1×4, and 1-1×6. They have a saw in the store, and offered to cut my wood for free which was super helpful for transportation of the wood, even though we do have a saw at home. The wood I bought was good, so I only had to sand a few nicks. This is what the wood looked like before I stained it:iPhone 12.28 042I propped up the wood on two buckets and put cardboard underneath for easy
clean-up. I used one quart of Minwax stain from Home Depot and bought a cheap brush (because stain tends to ruin them). I stained each piece separately, instead of staining after putting it together because I wanted to try some variations of staining techniques to get different coloration and it also makes it easier to get all of the sides. To do the different coloration I used these techniques:

  • put on the stain using the brush and then left the stain on longer before wiping it off (darkest color)
  • dipping a towel (or old rag) into the stain and then wiping it off-this was my favorite and probably the most messy!
  • dipping a paint-brush in water, letting the wood absorb it a little and then put on stain a minute or two later and then wiping it off (lightest color)

After, I let the stain dry for 24 hours.

iPhone 12.28 044You can tell, especially on the middle rack, which ones are lighter. After drying, it was time to nail the pieces together. We used a square to make sure the pieces were aligned and then a drill bit to make a way for where the nail was going to go-this helped in keeping the wood from splitting and stopped the nail from going crooked. When using this technique, make sure your drill bit is a little bit smaller than the nail so that once the nail is in there, it doesn’t fall out or come loose. I wish I could have taken more photos to show the layout of the wood, but I was a little busy! Anyways, five of the 1×4’s were laid perpendicular across the 2×4 beams and then nailed into place. We then nailed the last 1×4 to the top front and the 1×6 to the bottom front (flush with the bottom of the back-side 1×4). My dad then helped me cut some more of the 1×4’s to make the shelf part (so the things don’t fall through).

iPhone 12.28 014

Then we nailed those in place, using two for the top shelf and two for the bottom. They went in between the 2×4’s.

iPhone 12.28 052This was the final product using some of my parent’s wine glasses and alcohol as a display. I was SO PLEASED with how it turned out. The whole thing was about 18inches x 20 inches x 6 inches. On Christmas, I wrapped a photo of it so that the size wouldn’t give it away. And he LOVED it (click here for his post)!


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