6 of 21 DIY Projects: Push Pin Map

iPhone 9.4.2012 151Kevin had the idea a few months ago to make a map with pins to show where we had been! I was quick to jump on the idea and create something!

I used:

  • a map
  • push pins
  • spray adhesive
  • foam board (a little smaller than the size of the map)


First I put down the map how I wanted it and (after measuring) made marks by the corners to know where to place the foam board. I then sprayed the blank side of the map and set the foam board into place. I then wrapped the sides like a Christmas present…

iPhone 9.4.2012 132…and then I glued the flap to the board. I did this for all four sides, making sure that the map was still pulled tight.

iPhone 9.4.2012 139I then picked out the yellow, blue, and green pins. We decided that the yellow ones would be where I had been, he would have blue and then the places we had been together would be the green (blue and yellow mixed).

iPhone 9.4.2012 136Placing the pins!

iPhone 9.4.2012 149iPhone 9.4.2012 157Yay! He really loved it and it is now hanging in his room!

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