When Crafting Goes Bad

Sometimes, crafting just doesn’t go the way we expect it to. For example, check out my wall.


Yep, that’s chalkboard paint.
This is just a small sample of what down the hall, down the stairs, the door, and the garage looked like.

I was starting a project that I hoped I would get to put on this blog. I bought all of the supplies and was going to make a DIY chalkboard with a picture frame. I read that it would be easy to spray the paint on glass and wah-la! So, I had prepared all of the supplies and took them to the garage. What I hadn’t taken, was the spray paint. I wanted to open it to see if I was going to need a paint brush (so basically I was trying to save a trip back up the stairs…lazy, I know). I had never used a spray paint can that didn’t just have the pop off cap, so I read the directions and got out my screwdriver (LIKE IT SAID!) to break the seal and pop off the lid. In the process, I may have pushed into the can a little too hard, causing it to literally explode in my hands. Luckily (if you want to call it luck), I had the top of a paper box a foot away from me which I threw the paint can in, and turned it upside down to where the puncture was facing the box. I ran downstairs, paint dripping out of the corners of the box, all over the carpet and still managing to spay some of the walls despite my efforts. I finally got out to the garage when the can stopped spraying. I set it on the garage floor because I knew that it would be the easiest thing to clean up and ran in, grabbed a trash bag and threw away the entire mess including the, now ruined, picture frame. This all happened with in a matter of, lets say, 45 seconds. I freaked out a little and then put on sweatpants to hide my chalkboard paint-covered legs so I could go to the store and buy a combination of carpet cleaners and paint thinner. I ran through the store because I figured once the paint set, I was in major trouble. I made it home and managed to get everything clean except for walls (and my legs) in 3 hours. Call me crazy, but I really wanted the project to work. Despite the amount of money and time I had already spent, I decided to try this one again. So I bought acrylic paint in a bottle this time. And it worked much better. As soon as I find a place that isn’t sold out of chalk (I have no idea what people are using chalk for these days, but holy cow they are always sold out) I’ll post a photo so you can see how it turned out!

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