Project Life: Days 3-4



Day Three:

Day Four:



What to take pictures of?

On vacation, I take photos of everything. Pretty much anything you want to remember is a good thing to snap a photo of. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if you have a lot of time or if you think the photo will come out bad. You can always DELETE photos from your computer when you get home or just decided not to print them when it comes down to the actual making of your project – this is the joy of digital photography! It’s always better to have something than to regret not being able to document. On my Canada trip I actually used a ton of photos for my mini book that I took just messing around on my iPhone camera.

What to keep?

This goes for any vacation project – I keep everything. As you can see in my smashbooks (1) (2) (3) I have used tickets, photo cards that they hand you after taking group photos, hotel keys, wrappers, receipts, leaves, restaurant cards/menus, things people have made for me, etc. They make for really great inserts to describe events without having to use stickers/writing. People are always interested in seeing your vacation, and I think these things help (and are visually appealing) to describe what you did, especially for those of us who are shy about journalling! For my California vacation, I had a pocket in my suitcase that I stuck everything in when I got back from that day’s adventure so when I got home, it was all in one place and all I had to do was stick it in my book!

DSLR vs Cell Phone Camera?

When on vacation, I almost always take my DSLR but I always have my phone as back up. A phone is good when you take a walk or do something that would making having a DSLR cumbersome. Many photos above that were taken on the beach, were done on my iPhone. Phones now have such great cameras that you can print pictures out as a 4×6 and not have to worry about them falling apart (out blurry/pixilizing). This weekend, I went to Chicago where I knew we would be shopping most of the weekend, so I only took my phone and I was very glad not to have to lug around my huge camera bag!

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