Summer Mini Smashbook

Yay! It’s time to finally share my mini smashbook! This book is pretty little so I decided to use Instagram photos (which are square and quite small). At first, I had a hard time printing these photos because if you send square photos to a store to print, the edges always get cut off and they are 4in x 4in. So this time, I used an app called “Frametastic” (I think it’s $1 at the Apple App Store) and I used the frame that has four square pictures. I then saved it to my phone, took a screen shot in the gallery (which left the black at the top and bottom) and then printed it. I then was able to print 4 at a time and then cut them out! Wah-la!

This is the first page of my smashbook. I was going through some of my scrapbooking stuff when I found something that I was given at a craft weekend. The thing I love about smashbooks is that you can put anything into them! I love cleaning things out just to find old notes, papers, brochures, photos, and trinkets!

On the actual inside cover of the book, I put my name in blue stickers. I found this “smile” sticker in a bin of stickers I got in 6th grade. Most of them were cheesy, but I loved this one. I then made a grid with my instagram prints and wrote a little excerpt next to them!

This page says make. So what better to do then add all of my Pinterest craft ideas? I am moving into a new place soon and I really want to have ideas to decorate! These are some of the things you can look forward to seeing on my blog in the future!

I am a huge reader, so I LOVE this page and I hate the idea of covering it up! I started writing all of the books I have read this summer on the left side, but I still don’t have a plan for the right side.

This summer, I am trying to save money by doing my own nails. My mom found this awesome Mani-Pedi Tricks pull out book in Redbook Magazine, and I wanted to cut it out and paste them in!

My favorite page. The quote says “What ever you do…use up all of your vacation days.” I love it! (The large picture in this photo is a 4 x 6)

On the page above, I used Recollections washi  tape (from Micheal’s) to secure the top of the picture and then I had more room for little photos underneath.

These are all photos of me doing different things.


Finally, I cut out “I am the nail” from a program from church and I added photos and scripture that have encouraged me this summer!

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