Tye Dye Shirt Project

The other day, I was looking on Pinterest trying to get my next idea for a craft to do and I came across a tye-dyeing shirt project. I definitely had to try this one out.


White t-shirt, blue Elmer’s glue, song lyrics (or favorite quote, bible verse, etc), rit dye

First, I bought a white V-necked shirt from target (for $8!).

Then, I bought glue and “wine” colored rit dye from Micheal’s (for $5).

I chose my favorite song, and then began writing it on my white t-shirt with glue. Let me tell you, this actually took quite a bit longer than I thought because I had to wait until the front was completely dry to do the back and the shoulders.

After that was done, and it was completely dry I dipped it into the dye (mixed with water and salt, as it says on the bottle).

The bottle says to stir constantly for 30-60 minutes, but I probably only did about 20 because the color was already dark enough. I took it out and rinsed it until the water was clear.

I let it dry.

This photo kind of looks splotchy, but I think that is only because it was partially dry. I added this photo though, because you can see the words better. It came out absolutely perfect. I LOVE IT! While I was doing this, my brother also decided that he wanted a shirt dyed. We decided to use the rubber band technique (with various sized rubber bands) and it came out so cool, so I thought I would post a picture of that too!

The reason why I loved this craft so much is because it was so inexpensive (only $13) and I got such a fun, personalized shirt (plus I have plenty of dye to try again)!


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