My First Try at Painting.

The other day, Michael’s sent me a coupon. I didn’t really need anything. So I went to check out what I might come to need. And I found some paint (on sale). I’ve seen some cool videos on YouTube where people paint in their art journals, and while I’m not quite good enough to just start right in one of my journals, I thought I’d give it a try on some paper and chipboard. But first, here is my space:

Now, I know what you’re thinking…LARGEST CRAFT SPACE EVER. Haha. Notice the covers from my bed over flowing onto my desk. That’s ok, next year will be much better.

My first go with painting. I always see cute things with words so I wanted to try that first.

So, I  was trying out some patterns (many didn’t turn out the best, but I kinda liked this one). I put some paint in a bag, cut a hole in one of the corners and then tried to make a straight line across the page. I used the same bag and just added more colors. Still trying to decide what quote/saying/phrase to write on it! If you have any good ideas, comment below!



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