New Find and #throwbackthursday

I am on instagram, and LOVE IT. When I first found out about it, I did not know anyone who had it, so it seemed a little silly but now it is finally catching on. It’s like a photographer’s twitter. Lately, I have been trying to find a way to print out the instagram pictures without cutting off the edges. I have been looking for editing software that I can download or ways that I could make the picture appear smaller, even though that would probably change the quality. Anyways, on google I found “Printstagram“. They have all different types of ways that you can print your instagram photos and the best part is that you can log in straight to your account, no hassle with downloading all of the images and then uploading them! I love it. Now, I am going to be focusing on taking more photos so I can fill the books up (up to 100 photos for two mini books-which costs $12). Anyways, check it out!


Also, today on instagram is “throwback thursday” so I had to contribute. Uploaded some pictures of Kevin and I from a while back! I love these:

The first one is from the 5th grade DARE program at school and the second one is us around sophomore or junior year of high school. The last one was taken last year on my birthday! :)


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