Smash Books

Over Christmas break, I discovered the smashbook video.

Needless to say, I had to have one. I have been scrapbooking for quite a while but this was just different. This was a way that I could incorporate journalling and my photos easily and with no expectations. I bought the book from Michael’s for about $13 plus I had a 40% off coupon! The best part about these books is that you don’t have to buy anything else-no page protectors, no paper, no glue/tape (they come with a pen/glue stick combo), and no cutting! You really can do whatever and glue whatever in! Of course K&Company has other products that go along with the collection such as paperclips, other colored pens, tabs, sticky notes, washi tape, etc. Tons of fun stuff!Anyways, this is a really easy way for me to keep up on my favorite hobby when I am away at school. I don’t have a ton of extra room in the dorms so not needing extra stuff is perfect.

Now, I am already on my second smashbook. The first is random and the second one goes by month, and I’m perfectly happy with how completely different they are.

Please don’t be too harsh with the video. It started out with me explaining what everything was (hence the pointing) but it got old quickly, so I decided to add music to it instead. Anyways, this is my first smashbook and it is now complete. I will add a new video of it soon, but I’ll leave this one for now!


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